Month: January 2014

Cancer Diagnosis Doesn’t Increase a Child’s Risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Very interesting… I don’t think Ben has PTSD, mainly because most of his treatment has been while he’s young. That being said, it’s something I’ll certainly be on the lookout for. A St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital study found that despite being diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses, childhood cancer patients are no more likely than their healthy peers to develop post-traumatic […]

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Gene panel identifies residual neuroblastoma metastases

I know a few kids who have gone through this protocol. I’m glad they figured this out because it’s painful and just horrible for the kid getting it. “In advanced-stage neuroblastoma patients with residual metastases in their bone marrow following two cycles of anti-GD2 immunotherapy, another cycle of this treatment is futile and only causes adverse events, based on a […]

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Clinical trial harnesses power of natural killer cells to treat neuroblastoma

“Researchers have made rapid advances in understanding how to manipulate the immune system safely to destroy cancer cells. Adoptive transfer of haploidentical natural killer (NK) cells has shown promise as a treatment option to target and kill cancer cells in a less toxic way than conventional therapies. Now for the first time, scientists will combine NK cell therapy with an […]

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