After MIBG Update

20140805-131206-47526577.jpgBen was released from the hospital on Friday of last week. The treatment itself, as I previously mentioned, was pretty easy but he didn’t have a great time over the weekend. He was pretty nauseas until Sunday afternoon and didn’t eat or drink much of anything.

Right now we’re at the hospital waiting on lab results and he’s getting some extra fluids to make up for the stuff he lost over the weekend. That should perk him up a little…

The picture on this post is of the tumor in his chest. It’s the green area, right in the middle. (The other green areas are where the MIBG/i-131 soaked up in the salivary glands and his kidneys.) The tumor itself is in a lymph node right above his heart, above the aorta. It sits between two blood vessels, which makes it super hard to get to it if they had to biopsy it. Fortunately they didn’t as this type of surgery would have been pretty hard on Ben.

The plan right now is to hang out for the month of August and let the radiation do its thing. He’ll come back Sept. 10th for follow-up scans and that should tell us if it’s doing the job or not. (Please pray that it is.) After that they are looking at another round of MIBG the second or third week of September.

Thanks for your prayers and support.


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