And we’re off!


Well, technically, not yet, but we will be in about an hour and 30 minutes. As usual, Ben is still asleep and I’m up super early. Despite setting a bedtime of 10PM last night, I think Ben was up a little later playing on his electronics. Those kids and their electronic gadgets!

Yesterday we took a stroll over to the local movie theater for an early showing of “The Avengers”. It was absolutely amazing, no pun intended. They got just about everything right, from the characters to the action. I wasn’t even disappointed in the Hulk. The CGI was so good it just blended in. For a summer blockbuster, it hit all the right notes and then some.

We later ate dinner with the Millers, which was nice. It’s always nice to see a friendly face or three out here. Once we get to the hospital it’s like being a small fish in a rather huge cancer pond…

Today we start the wonderfully amazing 3F8. I have an inkling of how it will play out but who really knows. It always causes a great amount of pain and they have to give rescues throughout the day. Go back and read some of my older posts for the play by plays. It isn’t pretty.

If you want to know a real hero, talk to Justin or Ben. With all that they have to go through, they are truly superheroes. After all the treatment we throw at them, all the pain and that they bounce back time after time, they are honestly super heroes.


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