Ben is back

BenMadeline and I picked up Ben and Sarah from the airport this morning. Treatment last week was, according to Sarah, a little better than previous treatments. The doctors suggested that Ben try adavan prior to treatment to cut down on the anxiety and it seemed to work. He told me himself that it helped him to go to sleep when he got there.

Christmas is around the corner and it can’t come fast enough for both of the kids. Ben already knows what he got, at least from his grandparents. He really, really wants to play with it now, but we’re holding off until Christmas day. Madeline has no idea what she is getting but still can’t wait.

If you haven’t heard yet, our friend Justin Miller is back in for treatment. Head over to his caring bridges page (link to the right) for up to date info. Pray that the 3F8 he has to endure doesn’t hurt 4x more than the previous rounds.

Also, keep Sarah’s mom in you prayers. She is still in and out of the hospital and the docs aren’t quite sure why.

Lastly, if we don’t post before Christmas, have a joyous and wonderful a Christmas.

The Brewers

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