Biopsy delayed…

Much to our chagrin Ben’s biopsy has been delayed until next week. Per his oncologist, the surgeon thinks that the spot in his neck is actually a lymph node and that he can successfully get to it via surgery.

Unfortunately the surgeons’ schedule was already booked this week so it’s another week of waiting… It’s the waiting that can sometimes be the worst part of this journey. At least when you know you can make plans and tackle the beast.

So, until we know for sure, please continue to pray for Ben and all the kids out there who are battling pediatric cancer.

On that note, I just found out that our good for nothing congress critters let the Carolyn Price Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act lapse… This was supposed to put millions of dollars into pediatric cancer research but the bastards couldn’t fund it. I don’t think this is a party thing, but more just the elites in congress doing what they do best: Funneling money to their special interest groups and ignoring the little people. (Yes, I’m ranting a bit. I’m pissed.)

If you know of anyone battling pediatric cancer then you know how important it is to do research on a cure. Call your congress critter and ask them why they can fund buildings and such but let little kids die. That should get their attention…


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