Day on finished

Really, not much to report. Ben slept during the bulk of the treatment, waking shortly after his lines were flushed. Perhaps the rumors were true that this particular chemo isn’t as harsh. Of course, we won’t know for sure until 24-48 hours how much havoc it has wreaked on his body. Speaking of, Ben did gain a little bit and he is still inching up there height wise.

His blood counts are all good, too. We’ll be doing a lot of praying the next few weeks that the Riuxan does the job and knocks his HAMA count down enough to get him back to New York for Treatment. Unfortunately, it dawned on me this morning that there is a real possibility of Ben having to be in New York for some of Christmas break. We’ll take it if we have to but the thought of another Christmas spent in treatment just doesn’t sound fun…

Speaking of which, here’s a pic of Ben and I a couple Christmases ago when Ben spent almost three weeks inpatient. He was awfully sick due to the chemo…

Blessings to you and yours and have a great Thanksgiving!



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