March Ben Update

Ben finished his fourth round of chemo a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to stop the progression of cancer as a new spot was found on his C5 Vertebrae. We were a bit shocked at this news as the scan prior to this showed that the cancer was stable.

So, after this news we had two options: a t-cell study in Seattle or a chemo-chimeric-antibody cocktail that has been used on a few patients across the country. We chose the second option as it gives us a better chance of having the cancer cleared up before proceeding to something like T-Cell or even Immunotherapy at Sloan.

Unfortunately, this chemo cocktail will also be a much stronger dose than the last. It will require hospitalization for the dose and probably after for Neutropenia.

So, that’s it for now. If you’re not following Ben’s page on FB please do so as Sarah updates that more than I do this page.


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