MIBG Update

20140731-165815-61095060.jpgBen is doing well after a really crappy night. The radiation gave him an extended bought of nausea and vomiting overnight and he slept most of the morning, too.

All in all, the experience, from Ben’s perspective, has gone much quicker than he expected. Of course, the catheter is the part that bothers him the most. I’m not surprised as I couldn’t imagine having to wear that thing for 72 hours either.

From my perspective, the whole thing has been surreal and anticlimactic. Surreal because Ben was the first kid here in Denver to do MIBG so everyone was extra cautious and, even though this has been done before, it was new for everyone. Anticlimactic because once it was in, with the exception of the nausea last night, nothing happened.

Ben spent the majority of his time sleeping, watching YouTube videos, texting with his friends on Kik or playing Xbox with his cousin Anthony. All in all, it wasn’t much different than him being at home.

The plan for tomorrow is to have the catheter removed, do an MIBG scan and then release him. He’ll be going home with me as we still have to keep him away from his sister for at least another week. After that he’ll be back for labs every week as his counts are expected to drop.

Yay! More hospital time!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. We do appreciate it and, even though we don’t often get to show it, couldn’t get by without it.



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  1. Im so sorry your family is going through this. I often wonder why? Why did my child have to get Cancer but we aren’t alone. God bless your sweet son and I pray for complete healing for him.

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