Summer 2016 Update

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated Ben’s site. Sarah does the heavy lifting on Ben’s Facebook page with keeping people up to date with Ben’s treatment. For those of you who don’t follow Ben there, here’s the scoop.

Ben has undergone more chemo with a combination of CH14:18. The hope was that this combo would do a better job than the last chemo and so far it has. The last round of scan results showed No Evidence of Disease! We’re cautiously optimistic that the next three rounds will eradicate the disease completely.

This is a big year for Ben, as well. He’ll be starting high school and it’ll be a very interesting, not to mention tough, transition for him. He hasn’t actually participated in school for a long time and hopefully will be able to get some of the high school experience without all of the treatment crap.

His birthday is coming up, too. I can’t believe he’ll be legally old enough to drive (on a learner’s permit). It’s a good thing we’ve got a 15 year old Saturn for him to test with.

Here’s the FB page if you want to follow Ben there:


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