What the fudge has been going on?

imageI’ve not had a lot of opportunity to update Ben’s blog since he started treatment. Oh, ok, I have but I’ve just not been motivated to do so. Both Sarah and I have been so overwhelmed since being thrust back into the fight that it’s a miracle either of us makes it out of bed in the morning.

Here’s the scoop on Ben:

He finished up round two of chemo last Friday and his counts have dropped, which is expected. We both expect him to go inpatient by tomorrow night as he’s already running a low grade fever. This is very typical for kids who just finished chemo but it’s never much fun sitting in a hospital all day and night.

After this Ben should be doing scans to see if the chemo worked, which we’re praying it has. After scans he may do radiation to each of the five spots that he relapsed in.

One of the really overwhelming things about this treatment is that we’re basically making it up as we go along.

Ben’s Doctor has put us in touch with the palliative care team at children’s to help us all with this, but mostly Ben. We weren’t expecting this and realizing that we may lose Ben sooner rather than later is too much to process. We try not to think about it but it’s always there, hanging over our heads.

Also, if you haven’t seen the local news, Ben was made an honorary police officer with the Aurora Police Department! This is something an organization called cops fighting cancer does for kids undergoing treatment. Ben’s buddy, Justin, received this honor a few years ago, too.

If you haven’t signed up to Ben’s Facebook page, please do so. I don’t keep this updated nearly as much as Sarah does his page.

Ben’s Facebook page

One very fortunate thing that has transpired is that Sarah has moved back into the house. We have to fight this thing as a team and while we still have differences of opinion on some things, we’re more united than we have been in many years.

Cancer makes a good common enemy…


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